Prepare yourself for a radical departure from past and current ways of thinking about the future of Pan African economic development.

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FutureNomic$FutureNomic$ Glossary of Terminology - In today's two-part broadcast, I lay out my latest project, the creation of the FutureNomic$ Institute. It is well time that we commit to strategic pathways which are founded upon scientific futurism and total commitment of our group's broad capital base toward the aim of unshakable sustainable development. These 52 terms may be largely unfamiliar to much of my audience, yet they are well established nwithin a number of power nexuses which have become dominant around the world. Much of this work will be greatly articulated in my upcoming book on the future of transnational economics. These terms cover such lofty topics as exponential technologies, sustainable ecology, biotech, agronomics, the digitization of everything, Internet-based economies, mobile communications, emerging economies and the future of global cooperation or conflict. Scientific futurism is a major foundation of the analyses which form the basis of our future strategies. While these disciplines may be unfamiliar to many of our listeners, we must overcome this gap and bring our own genius into practical empowerment. (LIBMP3-3938)
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FutureNomic$ - Introduction to the terminology by Keidi Awadu