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100+ LIFESPAN: Strategies to
Increase Healthy Life Expectancy

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100+ LIFESPAN: Strategies to Increase Healthy Life Expectancy - This subject has been a fascinating study over the four decades since I worked in a biosciences laboratory. Within this book, I have assembled the most comprehensive list ever published of longevity insights and strategies. I hope many people will take these easily-comprehensible suggestions to heart and use these insights to form new lifelong habits. This change will transform our lives and impact our larger circle of loved ones who need us to be models of graceful aging. (CRP100-Plus)

I often say, "Old habits die hard, but new habits form quickly." Healthy longevity is good for the wise and vital sage, their family and friends, community, and practical life affairs. This journey begins when you convince yourself that you deserve to manifest 100+ years of a healthy lifespan. In my opinion, the fact that you have chosen to study this book indicates that you certainly deserve it.

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Understanding these often-contradictory pronouncements on the means of extending life can be tough. Yet, for students of longevity research, we frequently obtain useful insights. Health magazines, medical journals, news stories, marketing releases, drug promotions, social media, and even casual conversations all suggest a spectrum of life-extending tips. Not all of these are grounded in solid principles of scientific confirmation. So where should one seek sound advice? How skeptical should one be amidst so much questionable advice?

Keidi Awadu is often introduced as a "multigenius." Author of four dozen published books, his background includes biosciences experience, scientific futurism, nutritional consultantant, and functional medicine. He has 40 years vegan life experience and looks far younger than his senior citizen years.

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Breakthroughs in Anti-Aging Supplementation

Today we return to one of our favorite topics of longevity. Does your plan for life extension and healthy longevity include cutting-edge supplementation? Today I share some of my strategies to live well into my 120s while avoiding common aging-associated disorders. How Long Do You Plan to Live?

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