The Re-Evolution Began May 1st 2018... Are You With Us?

21 Practical Steps to Reversing Chronological Aging


Primary goals for this 21-Day Rejuvenation are:

  • Restore youthful energy and vitality
  • Optimize your nutrition for cellular integrity and revitalization
  • Overcome diagnoses of disorders and diseases associated with aging
  • Restore your weight to what it was at half your current age and get rid of that mid-section bulge
  • Increase your capacity for cardiovascular exercise and speed up recovery
  • Boosting your youthful hormonal integrity with anti-aging supplement recommendations
  • Create more elasticity and collagen integrity in the skin, making you look younger naturally
  • Improve your sleep and nightly restoration
  • Rehabilitate your DNA and genetic integrity
  • Restore your mindset to that of youthful confidence and joy of life
  • Rid your body of toxins which compromise systemic function
  • Create a collaborative community of people committed to age reversal
    And more...

Course materials include:

Download of the ebook LIVING SUPERFOOD LONGEVITY ($9.00 value)
Download of the ebook 64 Advantages of Living Superfood ($5 value)
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Package of audio downloads (valued at $50)
15 Minute one-on-one consultation ($50 value)
Weekly online teleconference ($40 value)
A near-certain extension of your life expectancy from 10 to 30 years (Priceless)
21 Daily video tutorials ($105)
Value of this package is more than ($259)
First-month responders get a discount of over 75% to $59.99

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Every day, all throughout the month, you get tips, insights, research, recipes, menus, special invitations and discounts.
These are all aimed to assist you to create space for perfect health for yourself and family.
This is one of the best investments you will ever make.
We promise that you will enjoy better health and less medical dependence because of this information.

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Chef Keidi – Living Superfood™ Nutrition

Celebrity chef, a dynamic main-stage speaker, and one of the most productive health-research writers for the generation, Chef Keidi Awadu is on a powerful mission to spread his unique gospel of perfect health. Audiences are consistently amazed at a depth of health-science wisdom that Chef Keidi serves up to support his claim that “Food is Nature’s most perfect medicine and medicine has never tasted like this before.” He is the creator of the Living Superfood brand of nutrition-dense, raw vegan cuisine, as well as the author of six books touting the Living Superfood clinical nutrition system.

Crowds turn out to see the chef all over the world, often traveling thousands of miles to attend his workshops, lectures and course certifications. They come for the tastiest vegetarian and vegan food they’ve ever sampled and are blown away as the award-winning culinary artist doubles as the cellular biologist. Chef Keidi entertains as he educates, explaining how every ingredient of every dish plays a critical role in reinforcing the highest quality of nutrition that the diet can support. Each year the author has published multiple books, richly detailed and supported by cutting-edge research, to confirm his place as one of the leading health authorities of our time.

The Chef lives what he teaches, demonstrating that seniors and busy executives can serve as the pinnacle of physical strength, youthfulness, disease avoidance, and sheer mind power. Chef Keidi's Healthy TorsoHis ascendance to raw vegan mastery spans four decades, now serving celebrity clients as well as assisting those with life-threatening chronic diseases achieve miraculous success. Now Chef Keidi wants the world to realize that perfect health is as close as your dinner plate. Let your food be your medicine, and trust Chef Keidi to teach you these secrets so that you “Don’t get sick, stay off drugs, and live a long time.”

If you wanna be healthy like me, eat the way I eat.



Chef Keidi in London with Les Brown

You can join our movement and get a free copy of the ebook 64 Advantages of Living Superfood. Text 66866 with the word Superfood, and let's get this party started!


Superfoods and Adaptogens to Reverse Aging

There are major changes happening in our world. We need to be assured that our program for maintaining health and disease avoidance is absolutely strong. Today we discuss Superfoods and Adaptogens. These nutritional substances will go a long way to protect our youthful vitality.