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At a time of rapid change, the best-informed competitor has the most significant advantage. As a social, ethnic, or racial group, WE, Africans born anywhere in the world, have an absolute right to exist as a group. As individuals within the larger body, members of this group have obligations to do that which is within our abilities to assure that our race survives and thrives. We act today to preserve life, liberty, health, wealth, and sustainable prosperity for the next twenty generations to follow ours.

If we do NOT act today, we will lose our tomorrows.


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COMMUNITY CALL IN - COVID Vaccine, More Questions Than Answers

What is the problem with Afri-Amers taking a paycheck from the establishment to coerce our people into compliance?

I send much gratitude to the ADOS CA Media Group for the opportunity to discuss this important topic in detail. I think you did a superb job with a difficult subject. The hosts were well informed, asked tough but pertinent questions, and tolerated a great deal of diversity in scientific perspective. I'm going to share this with everyone that will be interested in a lively, well-informed debate on the merits of the CoVID-19 global vaccination initiative.


Are we witnessing a Demographic Apocalypse in America? Today on Tech and Future Talk looks at how the last 70 years of African American fertility issues spells a grave disaster in the coming decades. I will provide graphic evidence of this disaster. Is is too late to change? Learn more at where you find a variety of listening options and call-in numbers

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