Kujichagula = Self-Determination. At this point we must consider that building alternative
support systems outside of large urban areas may be a valuable survival strategy.

A Practical Plan for Self-Determination - 
By Keidi Awadu / The latest edition of the long-running cutting edge research series explores the many ways in which African people within the U.S. and other Diaspora cities are failing to secure a spectrum of critical needs for sustainability: clean water, wholesome food, sustainable economics, secuirty, education and optimal health.  After careful and thorough examination of the problems we herein present a broad set of practical solutions.  We have been blessed as a people with many valuable talents and resources.   Yet, mismanagement of our resources has put our group at an historical peril.  Through the construction of these culturally based agri-economies, we can restore a sense of Self-Determination to the mass of our people.  CRPV7N2, $10.00

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The Kujichagulia Villages Development projects are partnerships with black landowners who are developing rural properties, as well as urban facilities, toward the aim of self-sufficiency, resource development, vocational training, and systems development. This is an ongoing vision of Keidi Obi Awadu and countless members of the Living In Black network.


Kujichagulia Village Reparations Fund 2013 - It is our intention to raise a fund during 2013 in order to speed up the work done at our three Kujichagulia Village partnerships in Louisiana, Virginia and Illinois. This is a time of great and rapid change. We can do better with the resources we already control to be an active participant in change. Your contribution, of any amount, will get some great bonus gifts as well as build something that we can proudly pass on to the next generation.


Justice for Trayvon Martin - 47-Point Practical Action Plan - We must take primary responsibility for securing this "Justice." In the aftermath of the acquittal of George Martin for the killing for this 17-year-old young man, this is a plan to respond to the killing. By Keidi Awadu, author of the Conscious Rasta Report: KUJICHAGULIA VILLAGES: A Practical Plan for Self-Determination. Available from www.KujichaguliaVillages.com CRPV7N3

Published on Jun 13, 2013

In this video we look at the birth and rebirth of Wild Oats, Whole Foods and other progressive food chains. We have concluded that we need to also enter this competition. Learn more at www.LivingSuperFood.com


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Take a video tour of one of our Village camping and building retreats

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From my own GW Carver Organic Gardening Project laboratory, here is an example of the type of food system installation that we are to train our youth to build in order to employ themselves in the new Green Economy.

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Here are a number of construction and landscaping ideas for our upcoming Kujichagulia Village projects. Would you like to join us and learn how to build these type of structures?


Black August at the Kujichagulia Village project at the Nat Turner Museum in Drewryville, Virginia. This is the model of the outdoor dining, fire pit, patio and movie projection area. This can become a reality in a very short time. You can help with labor or donations for materials. We aim to build for generations to enjoy. We need you to be with us on these transformative projects. (Email me for more information keidi[at]libradio.net