kuji_thumbKUJICHAGULIA  VILLAGES: A Practical Plan for Self-Determination - By Keidi Awadu / This newly updated edition of the long-running cutting edge research series explores the many ways in which African people within the U.S. and other Diaspora cities are failing to secure a spectrum of critical needs for sustainability: clean water, wholesome food, sustainable economics, secuirty, education and optimal health.  After careful and thorough examination of the problems we herein present a broad set of practical solutions.  We have been blessed as a people with many valuable talents and resources.   Yet, mismanagement of our resources has put our group at an historical peril.  Through the construction of these culturally based agri-economies, we can restore a sense of Self-Determination to the mass of our people.  CRPV7N2, $10.00

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Kuji Village Report

kuji_thumbCulture - We must raise our children with a healthy self-image and appreciation of their own distinct ethnic and cultural heritage. Our youth must be taught, like other ethnic groups, to see their cultural inheritance as valuable and not subject to compromise. Like Persians, Chinese, Italians and other ethnic groups, through Kujichagulia / Self-Determination we can take responsibility toward developing our own community’s economies and teaching our children to respect our culture for its true worthiness.

kuji_thumbAgri-Economics - There is no real obstacle blocking us from similarly organizing to acquire substantial farm properties. Numerous times I have researched online resources to examine what type of agricultural land is available in those areas of the country where our population is concentrated, especially the South. Some of these parcels are incredible deals. I remain puzzled as to why it is so difficult to motivate people to move on this land before the billionaires scoop it all up for themselves!

kuji_thumbSettlements - On our own lands, we govern ourselves and hold ourselves responsible. We know that our basic needs are food, housing, security, education, and governance. Naturally, security for all of this is too important to be ignored and the historical record proves that we can defend that which we truly hold in high regard.

kuji_thumbHealth & Wellness - A number of us have stopped turning over our children’s inheritance to the medical-pharmaceutical complex and their profit-driven ethics. Investing even a weekend at one of our health camping retreats, or four weeks at one of our healing villages, people can establish a whole new set of habits to conform to a healthy lifestyle. We can build a substantial village economy based upon our advance of natural healthy disease prevention and restorative treatments.

The Kujichagulia Villages Development projects are partnerships with black landowners who are developing rural properties, as well as urban facilities, toward the aim of self-sufficiency, resource development, vocational training, and systems development. This is an ongoing vision of Keidi Obi Awadu, the Pan African Development Organization and countless members of the Living In Black network.


Our mission of the Kuji Villages Wellness Resorts is to secure space within rural and urban locations to create intentional communities.  Within these communities we aim to assemble a talented group of highly accomplishing and resourceful people to implement a plan to restore the larger community to a place of optimal mental and physical health.  Our strategies will span a spectrum of healthcare, economic, industrial, educational, creative, and cultural policies and programs.  We aim to create a practical application of Reparations-centered proscriptions.

"The future belongs to those best prepared to create that future today."

Much gratitude to you for being a participant in the Phase One round of crowdfunding for the establishment of the Kuji Village Wellness Resorts. Our goal is $16,500 to be raised within three months to accomplish the following very specific goals:

Phase One
1. Set up office
2. Create a corporate vehicle
3. Produce a short-form promo video
4. Scout out land for acquisition
5. Create an executive board
6. Hire PR and Marketing team
7. Creating marketing materials
8. Secure domain and launch the website
9. Set up CRM enterprise software
10. Crowdfund $16,500 and build membership

You have seen a vision which has yet to be witnessed by the masses. This self-determination vision seeks to manifest in this time through the efforts of many people who feel just as you do that we can and must do SOMETHING tangible to advance our group. (Click here to make a donation to the Kuji Village Wellness Resorts project funding Phase One)

UBUNTU - I AM because WE are. Let's hold fast to this pathway and see this vision become reality. You will be invited to participate in the next, investor-based rounds of financing. Ultimately we all win when our people win.

Keidi Awadu
(323) 902-2919 Office Pacific Time


Kujichagulia Village Reparations Fund - It is our intention to raise a fund during the season ahead in order to speed up the work done at our three Kujichagulia Village partnerships in Louisiana, Virginia and Illinois. This is a time of great and rapid change. We can do better with the resources we already control to be an active participant in change. Your contribution, of any amount, will get some great bonus gifts as well as build something that we can proudly pass on to the next generation.


Justice for Trayvon Martin - 47-Point Practical Action Plan - We must take primary responsibility for securing this "Justice." In the aftermath of the acquittal of George Martin for the killing for this 17-year-old young man, this is a plan to respond to the killing. By Keidi Awadu, author of the Conscious Rasta Report: KUJICHAGULIA VILLAGES: A Practical Plan for Self-Determination. Available from www.KujichaguliaVillages.com CRPV7N3

On this broadcast we show how the financial data on healthcare expenditures in the U.S. justifies the creation of a network of Kuji Village Wellness Resorts. Annual out-of-pocket expenses for healthcare in the U.S. have now exceeded a national average of $1800-per-capita.

Too many of us are voluntarily pouring hard-earned money into a system which causes premature death-by-doctor (iatrogenesis) on a shocking scale. The rapid expansion of urgent care franchises shows us that alternatives are being considered, yet the central problem persists. What can we do to create a new model of investing our earnings in a healthcare process that keeps us healthy and prospering?

For the long term, we envision as many as 32 Kujichagulia Villages across North America, the CARICOM region, Central and South America, Europe and sanning at least a dozen African nations. It is projected that the cost of such an investment will be $1 billion. Obviously, financing such a strategic scheme will entail a complex set of engagement managed by an experienced and capable execution team.

I have continued to investigate means by which such a high level of investment capital can be arranged. I have determined that widespread sales of an investment-grade private equity bond will provide such a capital base. Once such an investment pool is available, using our now-working models of Kuji Village Wellness Resorts, we will essentially franchise them just as we can see being done with many new wellness industry players found across the urban landscape. One example we can readily examine of a healthcare industry franchise is the rapidly growing network of urgent care facilities, said to number some 10,000 as if this writing.


Learn more about the Conscious Rasta Report and other Black Star Media projects by visiting us online.

This video explains more of our mission to create these intentional communities for the long-term benefit of our development.

From my own GW Carver Organic Gardening Project laboratory, here is an example of the type of food system installation that we are to train our youth to build in order to employ themselves in the new Green Economy.

Here are a number of construction and landscaping ideas for our upcoming Kujichagulia Village projects. Would you like to join us and learn how to build these type of structures?

This can become a reality in a very short time. You can help with your donations for the strategic blueprint. We aim to build for generations to enjoy. We need you to be with us on these transformative projects. (Email me for more information keidi[at]libradio.net

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