Chef Keidi Awadu is a Las Vegas based raw food chef who has developed a brand of nutritionally dense cuisine he calls Living Superfood ™.  He has pioneered a healing modality called “full-spectrum hyper-nutrition” which uses using gourmet raw food cuisine as delivery vehicle for clinical nutrition (food for healing) and functional medicine (disease prevention).

Here are just a few of Chef Keid’s biography

• Award-winning raw food chef and longtime master of vegan & vegetarian cuisine

• Developer of the Living Superfood Full-Spectrum Hyper-Nutrition healing system

• Author of 28 books on health, economics, culture and the humanities

• Multi-media journalist for 39 years in print, broadcast and an Internet webcast pioneer

• Internationally featured lecturer on health, culture, global economics, conspiracy and

   progressive activism

• Life-long career musician and recording artist

• 3 Years of laboratory experience as a reproductive biology cryogenics technician

• Trilingual (English-Spanish-French) and studied a total of 8 languages

• Life-long organic gardening expert horticulturalist

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