Get A 30-Minute One-on-One Nutrition Consultation for $125 / or 1-Hour Whole-Life Consultation for $199- We can custom tailor a program for your personal transformation, which must include your seasonal cleansing and detoxification, with one-on-one conversation. You may have issues of medication, overweight, age, parasites, medical conditions that require specific and detailed strategies. We can suggest great strategies for dealing with deteriorating eyesight, abdominal obesity, clogged arteries, weakness, diabetes and other nutrition or toxicity caused symptoms. Get ready to claim your healing miracle.

(30/60- Minute Personal Nutrition Consultation)


Call for more info: (323) 902-2919 Living Superfood Consultation


1)  For the 30-minute consultation $125 click here


2) For the one-hour consultation $199, click here


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