Living Superfood Longevity Promo - What to Eat: Chef Keidi shares the spoils from today's shopping trip.  Converting our lives to the raw vegan longevity diet is not difficult.  It just requires proper  planning.

California Chili Pepper Raw Hummus with Chef Keidi:  This Living Superfood recipe for raw, sprouted garbanzo hummus will dispel any such rumor or myth. This is loaded with nutrient-dense foods.

Chefs Keidi and BeLive - Spinach-Save-My-Life Soup, Living Superfood - Two gourmet raw food culinary artists finally get together for our first video demonstration.  Oh yeah, this is all-the-way live!

Chef Keidi - Living Superfood Introduction - "Let your food be medicine. Let medicine be your food." This video explains why my conversion to the living superfood lifestyle was such a great decision.

Living Superfood Demo 33 - Chewicide Excerpt - Chef Keidi presenting at The Spirit Within U in Las Vegas brings an overview to the crisis of nutrition and toxin based epidemic of chronic diseases.

With Les Brown from January 20, 2018, at the Great Hall at Westeminster, London, the master motivator introduces Chef Keidi to the assembled crowd and shares strategies for optimizing his health.

CHEWICIDE, THE MOVIE Trailer 1 - Keidi Awadu - When food is so absolutely, deliciously decadent that it literally is "to DIE for!" - That's CHEWICIDE!  A cultural commentary by Keidi Awadu. Get the film here.

Chef Keidi on Full-Spectrum Hyper-Nutrition - We share brief readings from The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell and Living Superfood Research, the second book from the series by Keidi Awadu.

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