LIVING SUPER IN PARADISE: Creating Space for Perfect Health, by Chef Keidi Awadu

Living Super in Paradise

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Today The Magnificent Journey has begun with the publication of my brand new book Living Super in Paradise eBook

In Living Super in Paradise, balance and harmony, within the flow of energy which courses throughout Life, are the primary goals around which we construct our pathways toward destiny. We are creators, innovators, and alchemists. We envision ourselves as propagators of a new Golden Age within which we desire to thrive and generously share with all who are worthy of loving and being loved. As I introduce this body of work to you, it is my hope that you will be inspired to bring your greatest work forward as a gift to humanity. Creating this space for optimal health within our lives is a deliberate process – it will not be happenstance and does require our sustained focus on specific goals. Let’s get ready to change the world. Let’s thoroughly enjoy every step of this magnificent journey.

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Vol 7 - Superfood Solutions

Keidi in London with Les Brown

I'm asking my supportors to help me get the new book to the printer this week. By pre-ordering your book, you will be first to receive your signed copies as well as get some great bonuses. You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped to make this publication happen in the right time.

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Creating Order from Chaos

You are holding this book in your hands at this moment as part of your powerful, motivating and purposeful desire to manifest your power to make change for the better. The universe is full of seemingly random energy in motion which is known as entropy, a manifestation of chaotic forces which ultimately intersect to cause things to happen. Within this world we live, we need to master the ability to control this chaos all around us and to transform it into something that sustains the best qualities of life. We are the proverbial Alchemist – the one to create gold from lead, order out of chaos, turn that which is dull into brilliance.

The concept of alchemy is ancient and ubiquitous in the evolution of human civilizations. Alchemy exists when a farmer takes seed, soil, water, sun, and labor and turns it into abundant subsistence that gives life to the family, village, cities and nations. Alchemy is what happens when simple strands of fiber from plants and wool are extracted, refined, colored, made into fabrics, and fashioned into cultural elegance. Alchemy is the root of chemistry, with which science identifies the very elements of the earth and recombines them to create magnificent machines and substances which can complement and sustain the foundations of human progress and prosperity.

Alchemy is what all of us do when we are creating. This innovating spirit is inherent with each of us by the luxury of our birth. Enlightened societies teach this spirit of alchemy to every citizen of the nation, empowering each of us to give forward our best efforts to transform that which has latent potential into something brilliant, dynamic and transformative. We read, study, learn and master a spectrum of life skills to become masters of alchemy. As alchemists, we turn that which is dull into that which beams brilliance. For this, we should be celebrated by the larger society. Fortunately for us all, toward this mastery, Nature has provided tools and opportunity all around us.